Tuesday, June 30

Moving Mountains Day #16

Earlier today as Ruby and I left the office to go downstairs, I closed the door quickly behind me so as not to let out too much of the A/C. Nigel, the Yorkie -- who is never far behind me -- opted to stay in the office rather than risk being caught by a swiftly moving door.

Ruby said, "Mom, you cut the cord with Nigel!"

Knowing the clairvoyance of a 5 year old child, I looked at her and said, "What!?"

She explained, "When you closed the door you cut the cord with Nigel."

I asked, "Well, it can go back together, right?"

"Yep!" She said, "Just like a magnet."

"Can you see it?" I asked.

"No," she said, "It's like a computer."

I knew what she meant, the connections between us are like a computer, we cannot see the information travel but we know what it is when it gets there.

Then I thought to myself, "Oh, just like faith!"

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