Tuesday, February 15

The King's Speech, Self Love, and The Fifth Chakra

He held his mouth open yet nothing came out, his words held back by an invisible wall of resistance.  He simply cannot step fully into the present moment.  Too much investment in the  memories of his haunted past to let go.  An unwillingness to embody his truth, now, as King, instead honoring  the old painful wounds he carries forth from his childhood and his ancestors before him.

It's a feeling that most of us carry at one time or another.  We need constant reminders to overcome the ongoing loop our brains feed us --  "I am not worthy to be King.  My older brother would  make a much better king than I.  I cannot succeed to the degree that my father did or has expected of me."  Haven't we all felt that before?

Who was able to help this King?  The speech therapist, Lionel, the embodiment of the 'higher self.'   His credentials came from the realm of experience, not formal education.  He was the guy who insisted that they regard each other as equals and see each other eye to eye.  He was the guy who allowed his children's creativity to flow and entertained his kids with theatrical antics.  The speech therapist's family celebrated the unhampered flow of creative expression.

Just the opposite occurred in the castle where, as a child Prince Albert succumbed to harsh treatment and a lack of nurturing.  He longed to create model airplanes and frivolously play with his brothers.  He carried his  suffering into adulthood, unconscious that this block of creative flow affected him every day of his life through his stuttering.

His work with Lionel the speech therapist resonated with him ultimately in his heart.  He knew the facts of his stature.  He was royalty, dammit! He had a right to be King, yet he didn't feel it -- as he had been trained as a child not to feel.  Lionel, on the other hand, was a commoner but could act the part of a King, say, if he got the part in a town play, or even of a self-assured doctor; which many believed him to be.

The king needed some of that!  He didn't really need speech therapy.  He needed self-love!   He held on to Lionel's self-embodied principles of self worth like a Linus blanket.  Every stutter that he smoothed into words gave him more confidence; which translates into self love.  The King sang through his stutter, said curse words through his long pauses, and did whatever else he needed to do to get the words flowing through his throat channel.  He eventually cleared much of the stuck energy he held in his 5th throat chakra and became beloved King George VI of England.

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