Monday, July 20

Moving Mountains #36

What does reality mean for you? Does your idea of reality support your faith?

When you say, "Well, back to reality!" Does that mean you are turning off your computer and setting up your meditation space for some down time? Does it mean you are telling the person you are on the phone with that it's your scheduled daily time for painting or water coloring?

I can still get stuck in my made-up world of being a mom, a wife, a business owner, a healer, and all those other labels that define me to others. It's a great life, one I created through the choices I made one brick at a time. The deal with it, though, is that it is transient and telling myself that this is my reality is looking at my life with tunnel vision.

The real world is that one that is never changing. It's the well I must go to for source, for rejuvenation. It is the moments in-between, when my mind is in neutral and my breath is feeding my soul. This is the power of meditation.

Whether God is your co-pilot or Dog is your co-pilot, what does your reality look like? Is it in the world that is of your making, your choices, the ever-changing daily routine, chores, and todos? If so, can you see a relationship between the ever changing nature of this world and any feelings of being overwhelmed that you have or any chaotic energies that you may be unconsciously taking on?

So the next time you say, "back to the real world," and you say it in a tone that automatically has the word "damnit" at the end without even saying it, quickly switch your image of "real world," to something you enjoy -- and then have a big old laugh at yourself for being so serious and pretending to have so little faith.

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  1. I love it! You've perfectly illustrated my idea of creating an oasis in your life on a day-to-day basis. If we reframe our "real world" as our oasis (and we have the power to do that!) - our lives become fulfilling and joyful. This doesn't mean we have to (or get to) spend all day everyday doing "fun stuff" and avoiding the realities of life (paying bills, working, driving our kids around, ect...) - but with a little practice and small steps, we can certainly spend some of our day, every day, doing something we love. (gardening, painting, playing music, reading, writing, baking, ect...)